Aggressive Dog Training
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This is, a website dedicated towards helping you with any aggressive dog problems or issues. Much of the information provided comes from Ed Frawley, who is a dog professional and has been working with dogs since 1972.

We also have articles, videos, and products that are produced and designed by Ed Frawley himself.

Ed Frawley has over 120 DVDs that are produced by him, having started in 1982. Ed Frawley has identified and addressed various issues in dog training for dominance in dogs, dog aggressions, or basic dog obedience. The information you'll find here by Ed Frawley is extremely useful for every dog owner out there

Have an Aggressive Dog?
Get our DVD on training dominant and aggressive dogs.

3 Hours, 30 Minutes


With over 3.5 hours of training information, you'll learn how to establish your position in the pack as the leader and help control your dog's behavioral problems.

Contents of the DVD
  1. Work Expected of Owners/Handlers
  2. The 16 Forms of Aggressions
  3. The 4 Forms of Aggression Targets
    • Aggression Towards Owners
    • Aggression Towards Family and Friends
    • Aggression Towards Strangers
    • Aggression Towards Animals
  4. When Does Dominance Start?
    • Understanding Temperament in Dogs
    • Role of Genetics in Dominance
  5. Equipment Needed
  6. Living with the Dominant Dog
    • The Groundwork to Becoming a Pack Leader
    • Importance of Exercise
    • Becoming the Pack Leader
    • Obedience Training
    • Feeding a Dominant Dog
  7. Break Up A Dog Fight
    • Introducing a New Dog in a Home with Dogs
    • Alpha Rolls: Why They Are Dangerous
    • Dog Parks: A Bad Idea