Aggressive Dog Training
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About Ed Frawley

Ed Frawley with his three dogs: Rainy, Morgi, and CJ.
Ed Frawley with 3 of his house dogs.

Ed Frawley grew up with dogs since the 1950's. His passion for dog training grew in high school as he started to take training seriously at the time. In the mid-70's, Ed Frawley started up Leerburg Video & Kennel.

Leerburg is a professional video studio specializing in dog training videos and DVDs. While the kennel is no longer active, Leerburg Kennels was one of the top German Shepherd breeding facilities in America.

The dogs that Ed Frawley raised worked in law enforcement, S&R, personal protection, and the sport of Schutzhund. Breeders all over have bought Leerburg bloodline dogs. Leerburg dogs are imported from Germany, specificlly the working bloodline German dogs. For almost 30 years, Ed Frawley has bred these dogs.

Over 120 dog training videos have been produced since the 1980s by Ed Frawley. These videos have been recognized as the best dog training videos available anywhere. Currently, Ed has been working with Michael Ellis for important dog training techniques such as playing tug, focused heeling, and training with food.

These videos cover a variety of topics ranging from raising a house pet to raising working dogs. Ed Frawley has also produced a variety of videos for police dogs (tracking, narcotics dogs, building search), personal protection dogs and on different topics such as whelping, breeding, raising your house dog, and Schutzhund.