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How to Fit a Prong Collar

by Ed Frawley

Unchain these links to remove the prong collar from your dog's neck.
Prong collars should never be pulled over the head to take it off or put it on.

Prong collars are an excellent training tool for dog training. There are very few dogs I would train without a collar. These prong collars work well for dogs with behavioral issues and are great for new dog owners. The prong collar is a humane technique of training dogs, much more so than a choke collar.

Many individuals fail to use the prong collar properly. They might put the prong over the dog's head when it should be clipped on around the neck. Or they might size it incorrectly or even put it the wrong way out on the dog. We'll be going through all of those problems so that you use your prong collar properly.

Choke collars are often ordered by length. Prong collars are ordered differently via sizes that are offered. it can range from Small to an Extra Large. There is a standard length that can easily be adjusted by the removal or addition of links.

dog simply by removing or adding links to the collar.

I recommend putting on prong collars before your daily training section and then taken off after.

Many times, new trainers will put on prong collars at a loose fit. This is incorrect. Prong collars are not designed to be put on loosely around the neck.

The right way of wearing a prong collar.

The prong collar should be sitting right behind the hears and up under the jawline. You can see the photo below of how a prong collar is incorrectly worn.

As you can see, the collar is far too loose around the dog's neck, thus located further down. It needs to be located up at the yellow line.

Here is another photo of the right way of wearing a prong collar.
Leashes should be attached to the side of the neck.

How to Put On A Prong Collar

As already mention, these collars are not to be slipped over the dogs head to its neck. You need to unhook the links to put it on and off. We've provided pictures on how to put on and off a prong collar.

Pinch a link to take the collar off.

To put on a prong collar, simply put one side of the link to its connecting counterpart.
Then squeeze the link into the other side so that it can drop in place.

Proper Placement of the Prong Collar

In many cases, the handler will connect the prong collar with the links behind the dog's ears. Once the collar is on the neck, the rings that the leash is hooked on are right under the dog's chin. This is wrong. The rings should be rotated to the side as indicated in the photo below.

Dead-Ring vs. Live-Ring

There are two ways of attaching a leash to a prong collar. You can connect it to a "live-ring" or a "dead-ring." You might be wondering which ring to put your leash on. This is dependent on your dog and what you're aiming to do.

Here's a leash located on the live collar.

When the snap is on the live-ring, the correction is amplified since more slack is taken out of the collar. Live-rings are usually used for dogs that don't respond well to the dead ring.

This is how you attach the leashes on the dead-rings of the prong collar.
Your leash should be hooked on both sets of rings.

When using the prong for the first time, the dead-ring should be used first. The correction will take less slack from the collar when you pop the leash compared to the live slack.