Aggressive Dog Training
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Basic Dog Obedience DVD by Ed Frawley          

4 Hours


This 4-hour long DVD will teach you the art of dog training. Tasks will be broken down into small training steps so that your dog can learn these. They will put these blocks together again and will be able to perform these exercises.

Ed Frawley's DVD is the best dog training DVD in the market. He has over 45 years of training dogs.

Contents of the DVD
  1. Introduction
    • Goals on Dog Training
    • Terminology
    • Rules of Dog Learning
    • Schedule for Your Dog Training
  2. Training Equipment
    • Dog Training Collars
    • Dog Training Leashes
  3. Training Sections
    • An Introduction to Marker Training and Motivation
    • Learning How and When to Praise Your Dog
    • Training Your Dog to Sit
    • Training Your Dog the Down
    • Training Your Dog the Recall or Come
    • Training Your Dog the Stand
    • Walking Your Dog on a Leash
    • The Theory of Corrections

What Our DVD Will Teach You

  1. How to train your own dog in your own home.
  2. How obedience training can develop a fun relationshp with your dog.
  3. How to get control over your dog and make him respect your commands.
  4. Good information leads to improved confidence in working with your dog. You learn the tools to overcome training concerns.
  5. You will learn to problem solve. No one can anticipate every problem that every dog owner will have.
  6. What to expect from your dog and what to do when the dog does the unexpected.
  7. How to develop your timing to reward and praise--good timing is critical to successful dog training.
  8. You will learn when to correct your dog, how to correct your dog, and more importantly, when NOT TO CORRECT YOUR DOG.
  9. You will learn how to approach and organize a training session so you and the dog get the most out of your training time.