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Black Leather Muzzle

Size Cost
Size 1

Leather Muzzle Size Chart

Size Muzzle Length Muzzle Circumerence**
1 3 ½" 12"
2 4" 12"
3 4 ¼" 13 ½"
4 4" 14"

This affordable leather muzzle is imported directly from Germany. Professionally made, it is lightweight and flexible yet very strong and reinforced with rivets.

There are 4 different sizes. This muzzle is open enough to allow for maximum air flow and comfort for your dog while wearing it. Perfect for those trips to the vet or long walks with your dog. This muzzle also has a forehead strap that runs the length of the dog's nose up between the eyes and attaches to the strap behind their head. This type of strap is very popular with dogs who don't like wearing a muzzle, and also in dogs with larger, wider heads. Perfect to use for added safety with dominant or aggressive dogs.

This is not the type of muzzle to be used for muzzle fighting work with your dog.